Sara overcomes challenges!

“Sara used to communicate her thoughts and needs only by using signs, and she would never interact with her classmates” says Sara’s teacher. While attending the classes, Sara’s teacher and the inclusion officer from the “Back to the Future” project followed her case attentively.

Just the beginning

A rough start is not the end of the journey. Abdo (alias), now 5-year-old, comes from a Syrian family who moved to Lebanon 6 years ago. He started attending the “Back the Future” program during the second phase (BTF 2) and now continuing through the third (BTF 3).

Giving Rafi a Voice

Giving Rafi a Voice At five years old, parents can understand almost every word their child says. They can respond to their child's needs and answer their curiosity as they question and explore the world around them. For Rafi's family, this was not the case. His...

News & Success Stories

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