11 –year old Kareem* from Aleppo, Syria lives in the Jordanian city of Zarqa. When he and his family came to Jordan, they found a place to live. But the small apartment is in a bad condition and is actually not suitable for living. Kareem did not go to any school for two years, because his family did not have any identification papers, as they are required to attend school.

The father of the family works as a construction worker, but can not do this full time because he suffers from health problems. He is in need of a hernia surgery; however, he cannot cover the required hospital fees. The family eats one or two meals a day, depending on the family’s ability to provide money and food.

Kareem now luckily goes to school. He tells us: “I used to feel sad and lonely. I didn’t like to go to school because I couldn’t read and write properly. And I used to get anxious being around other students, as they are two years younger than myself.”

We support Kareem and he now attends our remedial support classes to study Arabic, English and math. At home, he works on his homework and after he finishing, he helps his parents around the house and plays with the neighbors’ children.

The Syrian boy scored a 95 average at school this semester. He now loves going to school: “I love to play soccer a lot and I love playing in school and home with my friends and neighbor. I love bicycles and I dream that one day I will a have a bicycle to ride it in my free time.” His mother and teachers both noticed a remarkable difference in his personality.

Kareem still dreams of going back to Syria to live the way he is used to. “I want to see my old friends and to go to my old school and play in my old neighborhood”, he says.

*Fake name due to privacy concerns.