Digitalization of the BLN curriculum

Jan 2023

All the levels and subjects of the BLN curriculum are now just a click away!

During the phase 2 of the “Back to the Future Project”, AVSI Middle East, Terre des hommes Italy in Lebanon, and War Child Holland in Lebanon partnered with Lebanese Alternative Learning to digitalized the national Basic Literacy and Numeracy (BLN) curriculum to allow students to effectively use technology to strengthen their learning experience.

The digitalization of the BLN curriculum was done in close coordination with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon and Funded by European Union in Lebanon.

On Jan 24, the “Back to the Future 2” consortium was delighted to take part in the event “Our journey through digital education” organized by LAL, where the attendees had the chance to experience the digitalization curriculum hosted on Tabshouta platform, which is an open free resource for all the educators and learners.

#BackToTheFuture #EducationForAll