I Learn From Home

June 2020: The educational activities within the project ‘Back to the Future’ II, funded by the European Union, have resumed last week. Following the spread of the pandemic, the organizations Terre des hommes Italy in Lebanon , AVSI Middle East , and War Child Holland in Lebanon , implementing the project, had to adapt their educational activities to distant learning, and they have.

Already at its second week, the program has proven to be a success. This is clear from the caregivers’ and children’s feedback to the project: ‘Jaber eagerly awaits the lesson everyday. He looks forward to me receiving the instructions and then teaching him’, affirms Nazha, mother of two. When her young baby goes to sleep during the day, she takes the time to teach his brother, Jaber, today four and a half years old, registered at Terre des hommes Italy center in Khenchara, within Back to the Future program for Early Childhood Education.

So what is this program about?

The answer keyword: ‘Seenaryo Playkit ’.

Terre des hommes Italy, AVSI and War Child Holland, are collaborating with the young organization Seenaryo سيناريو on ‘I Learn From Home’ 8-week distant learning program, based on Seenaryo Playkit. It’s an app developed for teachers, containing 100 games, 200 songs and dozens of stories, linked to the curriculum.


“Play allows the child to participate as much as possible” explains Oscar Wood, co-director at Seenaryo. “They learn independently and become decision makers by being given a choice. Play builds life skills. If you’re singing a song and you have to dance with another, suddenly you are cooperating.”

“Seenaryo Playkit is very structured. It comprises methodology and content, whereby caregivers are now assuming the role of the teachers” affirms Terre des hommes Italy Khenchara Center Coordinator Alen Khoury.

“Actually, it’s a two-for-one objective that we aim at” explains Oscar. “We want children to have better life chances, but for that we need to make the teachers’ life easier.”