After a long, hot summer the schools have started again. You must have noticed the kids riding their bikes again. The eleven year old Hani from Syria would have given everything to go to school. He lost his home, school and friends in the devastating war. Three years ago he fled for his life and now lives in Lebanon.

The life of refugee children in Lebanon is often futureless. Many Syrian children suffer an enormous learning delay, which makes it very hard to attend a regular school in Lebanon. They hang around aimlessly and are an easy prey for child trafficking and child labour.

Eductional project Back to the Future

With our educational project ‘Back to the Future’, we support over 21.700 children in Lebanon and Jordan with their education in our educational centers. Hani recently started to attend our classes and enjoys every single moment. His teacher Lilyan says: “When Hani started here, he could only write his own name. Now he is learning to read and write and is extremely motivated.” Hani is determined to become an architect, so he can build up his country in the future.

Going to school

Hani is now going to school, but there are thousands of Syrian refugee children who are not able to go to school. They are the architects, politicians and teachers of tomorrow. A hugely important task awaits them; rebuilding their country.