expressing confidence


May 2024

After her parents’ divorce, Samia (alias) growingly withdrew into shyness and isolation. Upon joining the Basic Literacy and Numeracy classes under the “Back to the Future” project, the girl initially struggled to engage in activities and social interactions, avoiding participation in classroom discussions. 

As part of the BLN program, Samia joined the Life Skills sessions, which fostered a remarkable transformation by creating a supportive environment for the child. Samia started confidently expressing her thoughts and creating friendships. Her journey from adversity to growth reflects the determination of the child to overcome her challenges. As she continues to thrive, the “Back to the Future” team stands committed to nurturing her aspirations and supporting her every step of the way.

The “Back to the Future V” program is funded by European Union Humanitarian Aid, and implemented by AVSI Middle East and Terre des Hommes Italy in Lebanon in partnership with Association Nabad for Development, Sawa for Development and Aid, Fraternity Association, Movement Social, and Uspeak, and in collaboration with Bqosta Association, Al Moasat Association, and Phoenix Forum.