Within the frame of the ‘Back-to-the-Future’ project, Terre des Hommes Italy is implementing the ‘Can’t Wait to Learn’ program, offered by War Child in Lebanon and recently adapted to fit remote learning activities.

“The course is simplified and well-illustrated”, says Joelle, Education Focal Point at Terre des Hommes Italy center, in Souk el Gharb.

The program includes Arabic and math courses, in addition to recently added COVID19 awareness messages, and a psychosocial component.

‘Psychosocial support is a long term investment’, explains Terre des Hommes Italy Child Protection Focal Point, Khouloud. The change, however, which is not immediately visible, is a doorway for the child to learn some routine and behavioral habits such as when listening and talking, among other things.

They also learn to say ‘no’, “that they have the right to accept or refuse. This is important in the fight against child exploitation,” adds Khouloud.

Thanks to the psychosocial activities, children learn through guided manual work divided into themes, such as water purification and gardening, to name a few.
In parallel to the psychosocial support for children, Terre des Hommes Italy organizes awareness sessions for parents.

These sessions revolve around topics such as child rights, early marriage, stress, coping with traumatic events, conflict resolution, social skills, among others.
‘What they learn is reflected in the behavior of the children, but sometimes the parents themselves need that space’.

Adults vent and empathize with each other on the phone remote exchange group. Children too, use the support platform for self-expression.

“For someone who doesn’t usually talk, doesn’t give their opinion, and doesn’t participate, when I see them engaged confidently, I recognize the change in them … and I know they’ll convey it to others around them”.

‘Back to the Future’ is funded by the European Union in Lebanon, through the EU Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian crisis, the EU Madad Fund, and implemented in partnership by AVSI Middle East, @Terre des hommes Italy in Lebanon, and War Child Holland in Lebanon.

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