Adel (52) from Lebanon is a bus driver and gets up early every day to drive both Syrian and Lebanese children to one of our schools. That’s not obvious, because many children do not attend school because they simply do not have transport. Due to the long distance to school they will stay at home or be put to work by their family.

Thirty years bus driver

Adel knows his village Qoubbei, east of the Lebanese capital Beirut, like no other. Since birth he has lived there, among the green hills. Adel has been working for more than thirty years as a bus driver. When he learned in the summer of 2017 that our education centers were looking for bus drivers, he applied immediately. “We respect everyone who comes to our region. That is our most important characteristic“, he tells us. By bringing children to school, he hopes to make them happy. 

Every child deserves to go to school

80,000 Syrian refugees

It is certainly not quiet in his region. Baabda district, of which Qoubbei is part, has about 179,000 Lebanese, while another 80,000 Syrian refugees live there. Yet those are still not as much as in the border regions, where Lebanon borders Syria. Many Syrians fleeing the war, due to the long civil war to neighboring countries like Lebanon, where now one in four is a refugee.

Large-scale educational program

The Lebanese Adel works for our partner Terre des Hommes Italy to take children to and from our five education centers set up with War Child, AVS and Terre des Hommes Italy in Lebanon with funding from the European Union. With this large-scale educational program ‘Back to the future‘ children can go to school again, so that they are better prepared for their future. In total, more than 18,000 children are reached with help.