Back to the Future II Project

From June 2019 to April 2022, and over the course of three years, the second phase of the “Back to the Future” program was being implemented to benefit more than 33,000 children across Lebanon.

May 2022

Through the years, the project aimed to provide out-of-school children not only with educational opportunities through non-formal education and retention programs, but we have also worked to create a protective environment to support the well-being of the children and their families. We have done this to maintain the stable family life needed for the children to continue their education.

“Back to the Future II” – funded by the @euinlebanon, through the EU Regional Trust Fund and implemented in partnership by @avsimiddleeast@terredeshommesitalia_lebanon, and @warchildhollandinlebanon.

In partnership with: @bluemissionlb@nabad4devp, Phoenix Forum, Ajyal Al Arab, @almoasat, Anwar el Miniyeh, SEEDS, @h.e.l.p.leb, Al Ribat, Forum of Handicapped, @fraternity.association.

In collaboration with: @mehe_lebanon@terredeshommesnl@lebanesealternativelearning@biladi_lebanon, @كشاف التربية الوطنية-مفوضية الجنوب, @kalimat.lebanon@seenary0@TFLebanon.