The beacon of hope

May 2024

Due to the uncertain and unstable situation, Ahmad (Alias) is facing personal challenges in education and social behavior. Enrolled in the Basic Literacy and Numeracy program under “Back to the Future” in Saida, Ahmad initially struggled to focus and keep up with the curriculum.

In his previous schooling experience, years back, Ahmad faced bullying before, which affected his behavior: He often disrupted the class and disturbed his peers and teachers.

Recognizing his potential and need for support, the Child Protection Case Manager stepped in. After dedicated one-on-one sessions, Ahmad began to release the weight of negative attitude: his once-disruptive behavior transformed into enthusiasm and active participation, which resulted in improvements in his literacy and numeracy skills.

Despite the difficulties, Ahmad’s determination brought him back to the path of success. Through the continued guidance of the CP case manager as well as the teachers, he blossomed into a motivated learner. Today, Ahmad can be considered a shining example of how individualized intervention can lead to positive changes.

The “Back to the Future V” program is funded by European Union Humanitarian Aid, and implemented by AVSI Middle East and Terre des Hommes Italy in Lebanon in partnership with Association Nabad for Development, Sawa for Development and Aid, Fraternity Association, Movement Social, and Uspeak, and in collaboration with Bqosta Association, Al Moasat Association, and Phoenix Forum.