“Learning Through Playing”

While there were existing barriers to access basic education before the Covid19 pandemic, the lockdown and total closure of formal schools and non-formal learning centers were the tipping point of the education crisis in Lebanon. More than half of the Syrian school-aged children are still out of school to date, with only 10% accessing Non-formal Education (NFE).

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have played a fundamental role in finding new, innovative solutions to face the disruption of education services, by complementing the efforts of formal education institutions in facing the new challenges. One successful example of mainstreaming distance learning is represented by the project Back to the Future funded by the EU Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis (MADAD Fund).

Webinar schedule, speakers will include:

  • Maria Gaudenzi, Chief of Party Back to the Future, AVSI 
  • Sabah Dakroub, Head of Educational Development, War Child Holland
  • Rabab Hakim, Education Specialist, Terre des Hommes Italy
  • Lara McIvor, Country Director, Seenaryo 
  • Maxence Daublain, Programme Manager – Education and Elections, Delegation of the European Union – Lebanon
  • Representative from Ministry of Education and Higher Education

The event will be followed by discussion and Q&A around the following themes:

  • Best practices and lessons learned in the adaptation of non-formal education programs to remote learning: innovative methodologies and opportunities of digitalization beyond the pandemic.
  • Deepening the holistic approach to education strategy: integration of child protection and psychosocial support into remote/blended programs.
  • Empowerment of caregivers in the education of the children: how best to support their active engagement.
  • Capacity building of teachers and educators: the importance of meaningful relationships in the learning process, applicability in the remote approach.